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Here we are in the 2020 and ready with our resolution to get fit. But as studies show, most people don’t follow through on their resolutions. So, to help, we will be getting fit by walking around the Disney World parks. We will stick to it because it is exercising without it feeling like exercise. Plus, since we want a balanced life, we will throw in a snack recommendation per park well. So, let’s get started on this WDW Workout:


Magic Kingdom

Since there is construction at the main entrance to Magic Kingdom, we will get extra steps. Once through the park entrance, follow Main Street to the central hub. There, take a right into Tomorrowland and its new archway. Follow the road around the People Mover/Astro Orbiter entrances and past Carousel of Progress. Continue then past Space Mountain and the Speedway. Here, you can check out how the Tron construction is going. Once you get to the teacups, pass the Mine Train on the left, and turn left by Ariel’s Grotto. Follow this path to Gaston’s fountain then continue following the road to the carousel. Once in Fantasyland, go down the street with Peter Pan on the left and It’s a Small World on the right to Rapunzel’s tower. This is a good time for a bathroom break if you need it. Leaving here, walk down past the Haunted Mansion on the right and Liberty Square on the left. Take this path till the end on Frontierland. Then turn left through Adventureland to get your snack. Here, we recommend the Dole Whip. Amazingly it is only 80 calories and dairy free and sugar free. Leaving the Dole Whip stand, continue down the path of Adventureland until you reach Main Street.  Take a right and go to the exit.  You have just walked approximately 2.2 miles.



Like Magic Kingdom, there is construction at the Epcot entrance which leads to extra steps. Starting at the main entrance, take the path on the left of Spaceship Earth and go to Future World East. Take the path heading towards Mission Space.  Once there, take a right towards Test Track.  After the ride, there is a pathway to the Odyssey Building where you can see the expansion planned for Epcot.  For Extra steps, you can head to Mouse Gear from Test Track and take the main concourse leading to World Showcase.  Take a right towards Mexico and horizons will be on the left side.  Going around World Showcase you will see Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The US, and Japan.  Now ,it is snack time.  For Epcot, my recommendation is Kakigori or Japanese Shaved ice.  It comes in a variety of flavors and they can be mixed. Without the condensed milk option, Kakigori is only 88 calories and it is delicious! Continuing from Japan, go by Morocco and France. For extra steps, you can take a right turn and leave Epcot through the International Gateway and enter the resort area.  From here, you can go around the Crescent Lake and the Beach Club, Yacht Club, Swan and Dolphin, and Boardwalk resorts returning to the International Gateway at Epcot. This will add 1 additional mile to your walk. From France or the International Gateway, keep right to finish World Showcase with United Kingdom and Canada.  After Canada, take the first path to the right to go to Future World west. Although there is construction going on, you can walk past Imagination, The Land, and The Living Seas.  Return the way you came and there is a path to take you back to the main concourse.  Once there, take a left and walk past Spaceship Earth and back to the exit.  Without going to the Boardwalk resort, you just walked approximately 2.8 miles.  If you did go around Crescent Lake, then you walked 3.8 miles.


Hollywood Studios

Start at the main entrance and follow Hollywood Blvd to the last store on the left (currently under construction).  Take a left and go around Echo Lake and past Indiana Jones.  Then, continue on the path and pass Star Tours.  Sticking to the left, explore the Muppets area and then enter Galaxy’s Edge.  Here there are a couple of paths to follow to explore the market and the more walking the better.  One of them will lead to the blue and green milk cart, but there is no information on the calorie count although they are fruit based.  Anyway, there is a path leaving Galaxy’s Edge and into Toy Story Land. Follow that and go through Andy’s backyard.  Once you get to the end, take a left and head towards Disney Junior.  You will pass One Man’s Dream and Voyage of the Little Mermaid and the Star Wars Launch Bay. From here, stay to the left still and walk past the Brown Derby restaurant and into Sunset Boulevard.  Walk towards the Tower of Terror and you will see Anaheim produceon the left.  Yes, it’s snack time.  Here, you will find fresh fruits and veggies with different calorie counts, but good for you.  Continue towards the Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster, then backtrack down Sunset. Once you get to Hollywood Boulevard, take a left and walk to the park’s exit.  You would have walked around 1.3 miles.


Animal Kingdom

From the main entrance, stay to the right and arrive at the Tree of Life.  From here turn right towards Dinoland and past the band, bridge and photo op with Pocahontas.  Once in Dinoland, walk by Dinosaur and then between Triceratops Spin and Primeval Whirl. Then, the path to the right leads to the entrance of Finding Nemo: The Musical.  Continue down the path past Expedition Everest and into Asia.  Here, you have the Maharaj Jungle trek to see the tigers. Backtrack to the front of Asia and then continue down the road with Yak and Yeti on the right and Discovery Island on the right.  This leads you to Africa.  Turn to the right at the restaurant and head towards Rafiki’s Planet Watch and go to the Gorilla Falls.  This is another walking trail and you can view gorillas and other animals in their habitat.  Once you return to the entrance, keep right and walk past Kilimanjaro Safari.  Then, follow the road to Tusker House and take a right. There is a path here that goes to Pandora.  Once you arrive, stop at the Satu’li Canteen for your snack.  Honestly, there is no calorie count to be found but after all this walking you can get a reward.  The recommendation here is either the blueberry cream cheese mousse or the chocolate cake. From the Canteen, stay to the left and go past Flight of Passage and Navi River Journey.  This path will bring you out of Pandora.  Once you get to the shops, take a right and follow the path to the front of the Tree of Life.  Take a right again and follow the path to the main entrance.  You have walked approximately 2.6 miles.


Whew! That was a lot of walking.  But guess what?  You were so distracted with everything at each of the Disney World parks that you didn’t even realize you were exercising.  Much better than a spin instructor yelling at you – right?  And you even got snacks, here’s to keeping our get fit resolution for 2020.

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  • Lucy Stowell
    January 15, 2020

    I like exercising without even realizing it. Greatly appreciate your suggestions about where to get and what to get for snacks. Keep me posted for the next work out.

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