Villains After Hours Returns!

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Finally, Villains After Hours returns to the Magic Kingdom park due to popular demand. Being fan favorites for the older crowds, the Disney Villains are finally getting some love with this separate event on select nights (twenty-one to be precise) between February 14 and July 10. It’s about time this happened again!

The event started somewhat at Hollywood Studios as a special Friday the 13th celebration called Unleash the Villains before moving to Magic Kingdom. Unleash the Villains had a club named Hades’ Hangout where everyone danced to a DJ’s music, Disney Villains doing meet and greets with fans, and a fireworks show called Villainy in the Sky where Maleficent (in her appearance from the live action movie) kicks things off by casting a spell to launch the fireworks. They also opened the event up with a show featuring Hades, Meg, Pain, and Panic introducing the villains to the crowd.

Unleash the Villains was a major hit with fans despite lasting only one night and it made everyone crave for more villain stuff, which brings us to Villains After Hours. As previously mentioned above, this event will last for twenty one days and be a little longer than Unleash the Villains.

The event is like other After-Hours parties where the park closes and everything is available for the event for three hours.  The tickets are limited and therefore it is less crowded, which means shorter lines for rides.  Additionally, The Villains event has Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas vibes with a show, special villain themed merchandise, and goodies included.  For the Halloween event, you can get candy as you Trick or Treat through the park.  For the Christmas event, you get cookies.  For the Villains event, you get popcorn, ice cream, and select beverages included in the admission price.  For an additional fee, special menu items are also available at the Main Street Bakery and other locations.

Advance ticket purchase is recommended.  Same day tickets are $155 per person plus tax. However, you can get discounts by buying ahead of time, if you are an annual passholder or if you are a Disney Vacation Club member.  Depending on the night you select, the party may be from 9pm to midnight or from 10pm to 1am.  For all instances, you can gain entry starting at 7pm.

The show Villains Unite the Night is done in front of Cinderella’s Castle and features fan favorites like Hades, Meg, Jafar, Maleficent, and The Queen from Snow White as they come together.  For other entertainment, Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean have “villain inspired” theming, the Maleficent dragon float from Festival of Fantasy is out during the parade and there are some photo ops too.
Guests are encouraged to Disney bound as their favorite villains, but there are some restrictions still in place, so check the website (under dressing) for special events. I’ll be going as Prince Hans from Frozen if you’re interested in what I’ll be wearing to the event.

Magic Kingdom.  At Night.  With the Disney Villains! Popcorn, drinks and ice cream included with admission! What more can you ask for? This event sure sounds like a winner.  I just got my ticket for opening night.  Are you coming too? I hope to see you all there!

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  • Elizabeth Miller
    January 21, 2020

    this is so amazing looking. I absolutely love all the colors and effects to the stage. I would love to be able to see this in person.

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