Star Wars Galaxy Edge Crowd Update 

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January boasted the lowest ticket prices at Disneyland, and I took the opportunity to explore Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Read on for the latest crowd update, the new Rise of the Resistance ride, and more.

Joining the Queue for Rise of the Resistance

The trick to getting a chance to experience the new Ride of the Resistance attraction that just opened January 17th is getting into a boarding group through a virtual queue using the Disneyland app. You’ll have to wait until the official park opening hours for that day until you will be able to click “join a boarding group” and must have already entered the park. Of course, everyone else will also be watching their phones to join the queue, so you’ll have some competition. Beware that not every boarding group may be able to go on the ride depending on crowds.

I got lucky and scored group 33. Note that you’ll have to wait until your boarding group number is listed to go on the ride, but the land itself is open to explore. You’ll get a notification once your group is ready, but don’t wander too far. Don’t worry – if the ride breaks down you’ll get a free pass to go on again like I did!

The Crowds

If you tried visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge when it first opened, you’re no doubt expecting a crowd update. Due to the low-peak season, it’s easier than ever to enjoy Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge without jostling for elbow room! Now until spring break season is the perfect time to visit and get the most out of the experience. Plus, with the single rider lane I went on Smugglers Run twice and could have gone on as many more times as I liked all day. This also makes for great photo ops that aren’t cluttered with people in the background!

The Fans

Many guests were immersing themselves in the experience by dressing in Star Wars-themed garb that was very well done and looked as if they just walked off the movie set. I wouldn’t put it past them that many may be faithful Dapper Days fans as well. In particular I saw a nod to Rey’s three bun hairstyle.

If you’re worried about the crowds preventing you from enjoying Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, don’t be! Now is the perfect time to go without fear of missing out on any attractions or experiences there or around the rest of the park, too.

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