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OH BOY! There's a Mickey in my Coffee!

Those who know me know this: I love Walt Disney World, art and really good coffee. So imagine how thrilled I was to come upon one of the coolest things at Disney Springs, Mickey Mouse latte art!

You can find this marvelous Mickey art (and other designs) at Tea Traders Cafe by Joffrey's at Disney Springs, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Joffrey's Coffee and Tea Company has served delicious brews since 1984; you can find their coffee and tea throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts and parks. Their latte art is fairly unique; it is not available at most of the places that serve Joffrey's coffee, but you can count on finding it at Disney Springs!

Whether you prefer coffee or tea, here are just a handful of reasons why you should stop by Tea Traders Cafe:


I have found the Baristas to be consistently kind and courteous, which adds to the enjoyable experience when visiting Tea Traders. You will most likely be served a cheerful smile with your cup of tea here; be sure to share one back with these friendly Cast Members!


Tea Traders is located in the always festive Disney Springs across from the Boathouse Restaurant. There are so many things to appreciate about Disney Springs...the shops, food, entertainment, free parking, people watching and more! You can park for no charge at one of the easy-to-navigate parking garages, enjoy the music or other live entertainment as you walk about, then treat yourself to a chai latte or other frothy delight.


If you are a Walt Disney World passholder, you will get a discount for your purchase. There is a small charge for the design art, so the discount makes a difference. Disney Visa cardholders may also get a discount.

Coffee, Tea and Treats

Even if you opt out of the Mickey art, the coffee and tea at Tea Trader's is well worth enjoying. The company claims to use the world's best beans and I am tempted to believe it! I prefer a dark roast, but there is something for every coffee or tea drinker there, from flavored to organic blends. They offer a handful of fun snacks, too.


Yes, that's right. Walt Disney said, "All you need is a bit of magic." Stopping in to Tea Traders for a delicious Mickey latte is a perfect way to add a sprinkling of magic to your day!

I hope you get a chance to experience the friendly smiles and a steamy brew at Tea Traders Cafe. 

Have a magical day - and a Mickey in your latte!

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