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Have You Seen These Rose Gold Minnie Ears?

With Disney fandom and culture constantly growing, Minnie Ears have never been more popular. There's no doubt that there's been an explosion in their popularity over the last few years. This is due to the Disney experience transcending the usual day out at a theme park. It is a lifestyle. People base their fashion on Disney. They build social groups around it and grow collections, interests and hobbies around it. True fans are always looking to step up their Disney outfit game. When you hit Disneyland or DCA, you're sure to see people decked out in everything from the latest Disney gear, to vintage pieces that will spark jealousy, to tons of adorable DIY creations. Topping all of this (quite literally) are the ever-loved Minnie Ears.

Dating back to the 50's, Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears have been some of the best-selling and most iconic souvenirs at Disney theme parks. Over the decades, the ears have evolved to take on less of a simple souvenir role and have grown to represent fashion, creativity and a love for all things Disney. The Minnie Mouse Ears, with their adorable bows, have risen to be the pinnacle of Disney fashion. A part of their success can be attributed to Disney's wide array of vibrant colors and themed ears. They cleverly release seasonal ears that take on the colors of Halloween and Christmas among many other holidays. They offer themed ears based on favorite characters such as Jack Skellington, Maleficent, and Belle (plus many more). The list goes on of colors, themes and designs available at the parks.

Along with the official ears produced by Disney, Etsy stores dedicated to DIY Minnie Ears have exploded in popularity over the last few years. These custom-made ears boast brilliant all-floral designs and over-the-top embellishments that go beyond the features of official Disney-made ears. This clearly represents Disney enthusiasts' desire to create their own identities and aesthetics to suit their lifestyles within the parks. People have full on collections of ears and make Minnie Ear hunting their top priority when visiting the Disney Parks. With social media on everyone's minds, the right Minnie Ears with the right outfit just might make for the perfect Instagram shot. That's what it's all about. How often have you visited the parks and seen people with their perfectly on-trend outfits, sporting Minnie Ears, trying to get the right shot for their socials? It's common to find moments that are just short of full-on photo shoots happening outside of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, or in front of Paradise Pier. Everyone is willing to do what it takes to get just the right Minnie Ears to complement their outfits. There's one trend within these many ears that seems to never die out among Minnie Ear aficionados: sequins.

Plain and simple, Disney fans love some sparkle on their Minnie Mouse Ears. For years now, Disney has offered gold and silver sequined ears. Sequins have popped up in other designs like the beloved Sorcerer Mickey themed ears with their white moons and stars and sparkles. But the simplicity of the monochromatic all gold and all silver sequined Minnie Ears have been a fan favorite for many years. Their sleek, yet flashy design makes them the perfect accessory for just about any outfit. They go with nearly everything and still provide that eye-catching shine that everyone looks for in their Minnie Ears. Recently, Disney has dropped a ground shaking, earthshattering addition to the sequined collection. That's right, I'm talking about the rose gold Minnie Ears.

Now, you may be asking yourself what the big deal is about rose gold Minnie Ears. To be thoroughly honest, I think everyone is thinking the same thing. They are just a new version of the gold and silver ears. They boast same exact single-color design, the same amount of sequins and should be just as readily available to add to your collection. The keyword their being should. After releasing the rose gold Minnie Ears at the end of summer, the parks have been selling out of them. Don't get us wrong, they are great looking ears! But there really isn't a quantifiable explanation as to why these specific ears have caught on so well. Disney doesn't seem to be intentionally making them limited in quantity. They have been available at the same amount of shops. I've done some contemplating and asking around, and I've come up with some possible answers as to why these rose gold ears just can't seem to stay in stock.

First, they are a new version of a great design. As I've mentioned, fans have always loved the gold and silver versions of the sequined ears. Suddenly having a new option in the same vein of these classics must be appealing to people. The second explanation has a little more to do with actual fashion. Outside of the Disney universe, rose gold everything has been popular over the last few years. From watches, to jewelry, to accents on clothing, rose gold has been popping up everywhere. It has a distinguished charm that lies outside the classic silver and gold tones that most people have been accustomed to. The mix of gold with a hint of pink provides the right appeal that livens up people's social media feeds. The color just looks good. The third and final (and most likely) reason is that they are hard to get. Millennials love when things are hard to get. When fashion brands and sneaker brands release a limited product, people are willing to line up for them. Somehow, the internet and social media had deemed the rose gold Minnie Ears as the newest, greatest thing. From there, people have bought them up at an alarming rate. Disney can't keep them on their shelves. The need for them has spread to a viral level on the internet.

I, personally, know people that took a couple months to get their hands on the rose gold Minnie Ears. I even know a good amount of people that are still hunting them down. Their current demand is unrivaled as they continue to sell out. They have even been popping up on eBay for double or triple their retail price! The struggle is real for those who haven't been able to get a pair. When asked about shipments of the sought after ears, employees both in and around the parks give the same answer; shipments are not trackable. You just have to keep checking for the rose gold Minnie Ears. If you haven't got a pair, be vigilant about checking at your favorite Disney retail spots around the parks. We're willing to help out with a chance to win a set of rose gold Minnie Ears here. Make sure to enter for your chance to win! Otherwise, good luck hunting for your pair because one thing is for sure, the rose gold Minnie Mouse Ears are an instant classic.

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