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Disney Maxpass: Is It For You?

Perhaps you have heard of the new fastpass system that's been implemented at both Disneyland and California Adventure, and you're wondering, what the heck is it? How is it different than the regular fastpass? Is it worth the price?

Well I'm here to help answer your questions based on my experience with the mysterious new Maxpass.

What is it?

Maxpass allows you to conveniently reserve and access fastpass reservations on your phone via your Disneyland app (even if you don't get maxpass, download this app because it's great for checking ride wait times, showtimes, making dining reservations, and more). Because maxpass is on your phone, there's no need to rush to the other side of the park to make a fastpass reservation for your favorite ride.

What's more, as long as you have entered one of the parks that day, you don't even have to be in the park to make your fastpass selection with Maxpass. This means you can go back to your hotel for an afternoon nap and set up a fastpass for the Matterhorn from your hotel room, or make a fastpass reservation for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT in California Adventure while in line for Indiana Jones at Disneyland (assuming you have a park hopper ticket or annual pass). It's super convenient!

The maximum time window between when you are able to make one fastpass selection and your next is also shorter with maxpass: 1.5 hours with Maxpass, 2 hours with regular fastpass. The convenience of selecting a fastpass on your phone wherever you are in or around the parks plus the shorter window between choosing fastpasses gives you the opportunity to ride more major attractions with shorter lines!

How Does it work?

After linking all tickets or annual passports in your party to your Disneyland app, simply click the Get FASTPASS button in the bottom left corner. 

Next, select all members in your party who want the same fastpass:

Then, you will select either Disneyland or California Adventure and choose from a list of rides with current fastpass availability. It will even show you the return times for each fastpass selection.  

Sorry, since I have not entered the parks today, I can't currently show you a picture of what this looks like. This is the screen that shows up for me:


A big plus, and the main reason my husband and I purchased the Maxpass add-on for our annual passports, is that Maxpass includes Disney Photopass. This means that all downloads of ride photos and photos you have taken by Disney photographers throughout the parks are included with your purchase of Maxpass. After linking your ticket or annual passport to Photopass via your Disneyland app, just hand your ticket/pass to any Disney parks photographer to scan and let them capture the magic for you!

To link a ride photo, go to see the ride photos once you get off the ride. There will be a code on your ride photo. To enter that code into your Disneyland app, go under My Photos and click See All Photos. 

​Then click Link Photos or Purchases,

click Enter an ID

and then enter the photo code found on your ride photo.


The introductory price (I know, why must everything get continuously more expensive???) is $10 per person per day, or if you have an annual pass, $75 for the year.

Has Maxpass replaced Fastpass?

If you're thinking, great, now if I want a fastpass I'm going to have to pay extra for it! Not to worry! The good old paper fastpass remains an option! So no, it is not necessary to pay an additional $10 per ticket to still enjoy the perks of paper fastpasses in the parks.

So the question remains...

Is it worth it?

Well that all depends on where your priorities lie. You must decide for yourself whether the convenience of Maxpass and the included Photopass is worth the extra expense for you and your family.

Maxpass is absolutely not crucial to having an amazing time in the parks. If Maxpass is just not in the budget, you will still be able to save time and ride more rides if you take advantage of fastpass regardless of whether you have purchased Maxpass or not.

Personally, my husband and I love Maxpass so far. While we initially purchased Maxpass for the included Photopass - we are so bad about taking pictures together, so we thought it was worth the extra cost to have someone else capture our magical memories together - we immediately discovered that the convenience of Maxpass is actually really great! The time we save running across the park to grab fastpasses plus the shorter time window for making fastpass selections allowed us to skip the stand-by line on a few extra major attractions in the day. We also love that we are able to check fastpass availability and return times for all the rides at once so we can choose the best ride for our schedule.

If saving time and riding as many rides as possible is your utmost priority, or you were planning on purchasing photopass, then Maxpass is a worthwhile purchase. So I say go for it, and enjoy! 

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