Chapter 4 - Disney Elite

Chapter 4

Here I was again...Casting. It had been two years since my first visit to Team Disney Anaheim (TDA). This whimsical building along Interstate 5 whose magical paint changes tones as you pass by. It was a Monday in September, and my husband had flown home the day before. I was excited to be back here, once more ready to start my Disneyland journey.

As I checked in at the Center's front desk I was mesmerized by the CCTV they were showing a rerun of the latest Legacy Award ceremony. While I can not recall who the recipients were that year, I do remember thinking, how wonderful to be awarded the Walt Disney Company's highest honor. I took my seat on the blue velvet bench and waited for the interviewer. I was nervous but at this point I would have swept the horse droppings off Main Street U.S.A.! A very nice man took me back to his office and we began talking about what I was looking for. I was not a fan of unions due to my experience with the airlines, that coupled with my decades of travel experience of course meant he was again sending me to The Walt Disney Travel Co.. 

He asked only one interview question What is your favorite Disneyland memory. There had been so many over 35 years of visiting my favorite place on earth. The one I chose to share with him was holding my two year old son on my shoulders for his first Disney firework show "Magic in the Stars" There was no feeling to compare with hearing him react to the incredible sight and sounds above Sleeping Beauty Castle, then carrying him down Main Street U.S.A. while he fell asleep. The interview was scheduled for the next day.

I really felt like a local! I was able to take an OCTA bus to my interview at WDTC. Last time i was in this call center my loving husband was physically by my side. He was with me again, this time in spirit, as I waited for what I hoped would be the last interview to become a Cast Member. We took a tour of the center and eight of us sat in a training room for a group interview. 

I never leave interviews feeling like i nailed it. So the next two weeks waiting to find out if my gamble had paid off were terrible. I kept myself busy getting to know the area and applying for other jobs. My husband even managed a visit, and I had a great time showing him the treasures I had discovered in our new home town. I even took a large leap of faith and turned down a job offer with a financial company..

Then one day the phone rang I could tell by the prefix it was the resort. The young lady on the other line advised that I would be working at Disneyland! As she gave me the details I realized I was going to be a CM! I immediately called my husband and told him the news. I then took a deep breathe and thanked god that this crazy idea may have worked. 

What excitement and adventure lay ahead? Would it be everything I hoped for? I was about to find out.

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