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A Magical Birthday Celebration

Enjoying a free Coke Slushie
Gigi celebrating with Mickey and Goofy
There are no shortage of things to celebrate in our lives, but a birthday is a guaranteed party every year. For the past two years, I have celebrated my special day at Disney World's Magic Kingdom—a tradition I plan to keep for many years to come. One thing I didn't take advantage of on my birthday ventures to the park was the fact Disney wants to celebrate with me. My fiancé and I surprised our daughter with a trip to Epcot for her thirteenth birthday. We were extremely delighted by all the attention she received with just a small addition to her wardrobe—a Happy Birthday button. Although Disney World Parks encourage you to celebrate your birthday with them on their website by purchasing cakes or arranging for a venue to invite friends and family to party, there isn't any mention of this special Birthday button. Visitors who are celebrating can simply walk into one of the many gift shops or visit Guest Relations and let them know it's your birthday. That's exactly what we did the moment we walked in. Not only did my daughter get her Happy Birthday button, but my fiancé and I received buttons as well that read, "I'm celebrating:" The cast member provided a marker so we may write in "Gigi's 13th Birthday!" We marched excitedly into the crowd to begin our journey through Epcot.

If there is anything a kid enjoys more than being in The Most Magical Place on Earth, it's having everyone know it's their birthday. My daughter was no exception and she loved every minute of her Epcot visit. With every turn, there was a cast member telling her, "Happy Birthday!" It was such a warm feeling and they made her feel like any one of the Disney Princesses—and if you ask her, she's Belle. Many of the cast members took a moment to ask her how old she was now and if she was enjoying her day at the park. One even asked her if she had a chance to get her free slushie at the Club Cool in Future World. What?! Excitedly, we ran over to the shop where you can taste test the many varieties of colas from all over the world. Given we were melting from the hot Florida sun, a slushie was just the thing we needed! The cast member behind the counter wished her a happy birthday and asked if she wanted her free slushie. I don't think she finished her question before my daughter quickly said, "Thank you and yes, please!"

This wasn't the end of free goodies from the park. For lunch, my daughter chose to visit Mexico and we promptly made dining reservations on our My Disney Experience app. This app is a must for anyone visiting any of the Disney parks. It provides a wide variety of information including hours, wait times for rides, where the characters will be, as well as an interactive park map. Additionally, you can select your Fast Passes and view photos taken by Disney photographers throughout the day. We chose La Hacienda de San Angel and were seated promptly for our 5:00 PM reservation. Our server Maria immediately acknowledged Gigi with "Feliz Cumpleaños!" Maria was an absolute delight and brought my daughter some delicious dulce de leche ice cream at the end of our meal. 

At the end of our day, we made way to watch IllumiNations: Reflection of the Earth fireworks right in front of Italy. It's the perfect little spot to see the show as it is separated from the walkway by a small bridge. There is a fountain by the water with steps surrounding it to sit on, allowing for a great view of the World Showcase Lagoon. Once we were all settled, my daughter decided she wanted a pretzel. Given it was her birthday, we obliged. Luckily, we were nestled right next to the German Pavilion where there's a food kiosk you can purchase a jumbo pretzel as big as your head. After purchasing our pretzel, the cast member noticed Gigi's birthday button and offered her a pretzel for free! We graciously declined as we wondered how we'd finish the one in hand, but how awesome is that?

Visiting any of the Disney Parks is already a celebration in itself. However, to be recognized by cast members and guests alike on your birthday makes it all the more special. And, Disney buttons aren't just for birthdays. Disney also wants to commemorate your first visit to their parks, anniversary, or if you just got married. So, whether you're shy like my daughter, or a social butterfly like my fiancé, get your Celebration Button when you get to one of the Disney World Parks. They are all dedicated to making you feel special on your Magical day!

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It is such an impressive experience to visit Disney Parks to celebrate your day write my assignment for me cheap . i love your post it is something i want to read you know it is quite entertaining in its self keep sharing these types of blogs i really want to see more.

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