About Us

We here at Disney Elite want to bring you the best website experience possible. We aim to bring you as much Disney related news as we can. We have 2 teams, 1 from California, and 1 from Florida scouring the internet / going to the parks / watching the movies in theaters, Disney +, other streaming venues, / TV shows, and more. Our goal for our 2 teams is that we will find as much information about Disney and its related things and post it here so you as a reader know exactly what is going on with in the Disney Corporation. We will bring that information not only through the website, but through other means as well.




We have 1 team who does a podcast about all the weeks news from our website and talks about it on the podcast. We will be posting each podcast hopefully each week at 5 pm.


Coming soon is our Forums which will have all different topics that you can talk about inside and converse with other fellow Disneyphiles.


In this section you can see what guides there are to help you with navigating Disney. There is a Disney Plus guide, how to pack for Disney guide, and so on. Just click into the guides section and click the guide you are looking for.

Points / Store And What They Do On Disney Elite

Points on Disney Elite are easy to earn, and can lead to some great stuff for you the reader. All you have to do is sign up for an account. What you need to do is log in to the site create an account, then every time you come back to the site you log in to your account. As you read articles on the site you earn a point. There is other ways to get points as well. (See Below) Each point you earn is a point you can spend in our store. You go to the store pick what you want and see if you have enough points to get that item, it is that simple.


How To Earn Points


How to earn points besides reading articles: Disney Elite has a way to earn points other then just reading articles. If you go into our fun stuff section, you will see quizzes. There will be 3 sections Easy Quizzes, Medium Quizzes, and Hard Quizzes. Choose a section and try your hand at the quiz. If you get a passing score, and you are logged in, the system will reward you with more points depending on the level of the quiz. The harder the quiz the more points it is worth. As the site grows we will be adding more quizzes, so you can earn more points, and possibly change the level of the quizzes so you can earn even more points.The quizzes will be up and running soon with points so look back here to see when they are available with points.


Monthly we will be doing a contest to get free stuff from our points store. All you have to do is look for the contest page, find out what the prize is for, and follow the instructions on that prize page. For instance the contest will ask you to follow our twitter account, sign up to the news letter, and like our Facebook page. If you have done that already for the previous contests, then you can retweet, post on your Facebook page about our page and so on. All the instructions will be on the giveaway page.

Not only will be giving away stuff for free here, we also do random contests. From time to time, on our social media pages, you will see that a random contest happens. It will say something like where is this picture from, worth 100 points on our site. First person to guess where the picture is from will get the 100 points. All you have do is post in our comment section on that social media page of the location and what the picture is. Example: On Instagram a picture was posted with a lamp from top view down.  I asked for 500 points where is this located. The first person who guessed the Lamplighter Lounge based off the picture I posted to Instagram got the 500 points. I would then send them a message on Instagram letting them know how to claim there points. If they do not respond to my message then I pick the next person who guessed it correctly. It is that simple.

Our hopes

Our hopes is that we created a community where Disney fans of all kinds can come together to enjoy and share the beauty of Disney and all that it has to share. Whether you’re an author, or a member. We hope that can share magic and wonder to all!

Without further ado, we welcome you to Disney Elite…